Handknitted 100% Alpaca Lacy Bed Socks



These luxurious bed-socks are hand knitted from our own black yarn. They are knitted in a beautiful lacy stitch with a tie top and are presented tied in a country ribbon.

They have the full benefits of alpaca yarn with no added synthetics so allow your feet to breathe and thermo-regulate, keeping toes warm (but not sweaty) all year around.

Wear for more than a week before washing then handwash as wool.

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Product Description

Back to Nature

All our yarn is guaranteed 100% pure British Alpaca and we are proud to bear the British Alpaca Fibre Marque.
With most of our yarn we blend our rare suri alpaca for lustre with our huacaya alpaca for softness so you can really feel the quality.
We don’t add dyes or chemicals so it is a completely natural product providing you with the full benefits of alpaca.

Supporting the rural economy

Alpacas are gentle on the land and their fleece is a sustainable resource obtained with kindness and respect from our much loved animals.
We use a small British mini-mill to process our yarn and local knitters to lovingly hand-knit or crochet each garment.

Personal Touch

Whilst we hold many items in stock please do allow a couple of weeks for your item to be knitted, but feel free to contact us directly if you need your item more quickly. The beauty of handmade products is that we will do our best to meet any specific requirements you may have.


Alpaca yarn is a luxurious natural fibre which is far warmer than lambswool, incredibly soft yet second in strength only to mohair.
It has anti-sweat properties and thermo-regulates so ideal for all season use. Low in lanolin it is also perfect for those with sensitive skin.
It has a low itch factor due to the shafts of each hair being smoother than lambswool.
We think it is the ultimate natural fibre!

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Small uk 4-7, Medium UK 5-8, Large UK 9-13

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