Twenty minutes from Bristol Suspension Bridge, Cadbury Alpacas is a small private alpaca farm situated at the foot of the Iron Age hill fort Cadbury Camp in North Somerset, so named from the Anglo Saxon word “Cada’s byrig” meaning “town” so if you were Anglo Saxon you might think we had a small “town of alpacas”. Unfortunately we have absolutely nothing to do with chocolate!

We have a small but select herd of alpacas both suri and huacaya. Find out more in the About Us section.

We do sometimes have alpacas for sale, so please do contact us for further information.

Here are a few of our special characters, all fully registered with the British Alpaca Society pedigree registry.




Molly our light grey huacaya

One of our first 3 alpacas. An unusual light grey in colour she produces our most popular yarn. She is the sweetest natured alpaca, never grumpy and despite her size very easy to handle. However she has never been able to produce a cria (baby alpaca). Being female she lives alongside pregnant and lactating alpacas who have needed extra rations, and she has subsequently become overweight I am most ashamed to say, so she is on a diet. Please do not feed her if you visit!


Calipso (and Romeo) dark brown suris

Our race horse! Highly strung and full of attitude, she leaps 3 foot in the air with joy whenever I appear with the feed bucket. She produces an incredible dark brown silky yarn. Mother to Romeo our characterful charmer.

Daisy and Jacob

Daisy (and Jacob) medium/light fawn huacayas

Sweet most of the time but dreadfully grumpy when pregnant – however is the sweetest mother, even allowing other cria to feed from her! Producing a soft light fawn yarn, she is mother to Jacob, again very sweet in nature and best friends with Jasper.


Sorrel (and Jasper and Biscuit) white suris

Another of our original 3 maidens. She produces a silky white yarn and has also produced 2 champions – Jasper our white stud with “lustre to die for” according to one BAS judge, and Biscuit still in his adolescence but with white shimmering locks. Sorrel is more than happy to be stroked and handled and has a very laid back character. Nothing phases her! She has happily passed these traits onto her sons.

Jasper, white suri

Our first ever cria! Son of Sorrel he has gone on to father other cria including Jasmine and Apricot. A characterful friendly easy to handle boy.

Blossom (huacaya)

Our beautiful huacaya girl from April 2017. Daughter of Daisy, she is sweet natured and has a lovely fleece

Lacey and Toby

Lacey (and Tobias) black huacayas

The gentlest alpaca you will ever meet. Easily frightened yet curious she has to be fed away from the others as she is sadly our lowest ranking female. She produced the softest black boy Tobias who is fantastic on the halter and loves a good neck rub which is just as well as you can lose your hand into the thickest black fleece on his neck.

Apricot, Willow and Jasmine (young suris)

Born in spring 2017 these are our youngest suri females. Apricot (left ) is fiesty and inquisitive, a real character. Willow (middle) is very friendly and loves children. Jasmine our youngest (right) is delicate and sweet natured.


Cadbury – dark brown suri

We had to buy him because of his name! He is the peacemaker in our herd often protecting the underdog! He is father to our little Willow.


Breeze (and Bruce) light fawn suris

Born in a storm, she was the most gentle of mothers giving birth to our superb boy Bruce with ultrafine fleece statistics and a micron of 17.8. Rather shy and small in stature she can hold her own with the big girls.

Her fleece is light fawn and produces our cappucino 4ply yarn.

Gardener's Corner

Slug repellant

We can offer low grade alpaca fleece for bedding plants to protect from slugs and snails. It maintains a dry environment and irritates the “foot” causing the small slimy visitors to retreat.

Bird Nesters

Our Luxury Wild Bird Nesters are great for attracting nesting birds to your garden as they adore using alpaca fleece to line their nests. Alpaca fleece is perfect for them to create a soft warm nest in which to raise their young. With the incredible insulating yet breathable qualities of alpaca fibre they soon learn whose garden to visit when nest building! Containing no lanolin and being water repellent it isn’t sticky so they can easily take just what they need. Our nesters are sufficient to line dozens of bird nests, just put it out from February onwards.

Please note that this is a natural product and may contain vegetable matter.

Click Here to purchase

wild bird nesting

Incredible fertiliser!

We also have bags of ALPACA GOLD available as alpaca manure soil enhancer. As alpaca poo is formed in pellet form and has different components to other livestock such as horses, it does not need to be composted or aged before use. You can safely use it straight onto all plants without burning them.

It breaks down rather quickly and you can simply sprinkle it on top of plants and let the rain soak it in or push a few pellets into the soil of potted plants.

For seedlings you can make “alpaca tea” to jump start them, by steeping the pellets for a month in a water filled container such as a plastic milk bottle. This will create a liquid fertiliser that will remain effective for months.

Once added to the soil Alpaca Gold can help increase crop yields and promote vigorous plant growth. It also has the added benefit of deterring cats and other pests!


Come and Meet our Alpacas!

Although we are not generally open to the public, by special arrangement we do offer small private alpaca experiences where you can meet, feed and walk our alpacas. We ask for a donation of £30 per person. Afterwards you can relax in our gazebo with a drink and admire the alpacas against the backdrop of stunning views. You may even bring a picnic to enjoy. Contact us for further information. Alpaca Experience gift certificates available on our Crafts and Gifts page.

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