Here in the Western World we are just beginning to catch onto the remarkable benefits of alpaca fibre. It was known as “The Fibre of the Gods” by the Aztecs and prized above gold.

Here are some of the reasons why…

 Luxuriously Warm with Thermo-Regulating Properties

Deliciously warmer than sheep’s wool, yet cool in the summer, alpaca fibre maintains a constant temperature gradient and allows your skin to breathe not sweat.

Alpaca fleece is fine and light, does not retain water, is a thermal insulator even when wet and resists solar radiation. These properties protect alpacas against the extreme daily changes in temperature in their home high in the Andes.



Alpaca is lanolin-free as natural oils are not needed to trap warmth as with lambswool – the smooth hollow fibres do it all, therefore being ideal for those with allergies, eczema and sensitive skin.



Alpaca fibres have a smoother scale surface than lambswool resulting in a low itch factor, and makes it far softer than lambswool, comparable to cashmere.



Some of the health benefits are that those with asthma love the absence of dust mites. Babies and those with allergies and eczema love the absence of lanolin in our knitwear.

The bedding can help reduce night sweats, the pillows are recommended by osteopaths, and our socks are perfect for preventing and helping treat fungal foot infections like athletes foot.



Alpaca fibre is unashamedly strong and durable.  It has been found in ancient Peruvian burial sites in remarkable condition with even the original colours intact after two and a half millennia.


Moisture Resistant

Alpaca fibre wicks moisture away from the skin and is naturally water repellent. It can still keep you warm even when wet if you are caught in a rain storm for example.

It is also breathable and thermo-regulates thus reducing sweat: the perfect property for socks, hats, baby wear and bedding in particular.


Natural and Sustainable

No synthetic manufacturing process. Alpacas are gentle on the land so there is minimal environmental impact. We love our alpacas so our products are all cruelty free.


Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic

Bacteria thrive in moist environments – alpaca fleece maintains a dry environment due to the hollow fibres allowing free air circulation. This moisture resistance alongside the absence of  natural oils and lanolin, means that  dirt and grime cannot stick as easily. This also prevents dust mites which can trigger allergies.


Easy to Clean

As alpaca is water, grime and odour repellent and free of lanolin it does not require cleaning as often as other textiles. Knitwear and socks can be easily washed with a gentle non-biological detergent on a cool wash or dry cleaned. Our fur can even be brushed clean as grime finds it hard to stick in the absence of lanolin. Bedding can be dry cleaned but repels dirt so lasts a long time between cleans. A convenient fibre refresh service is also available for bedding.